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Operations on Strings

Create, analyze, and modify strings

MuPAD Functions

stringlib::collapseWhitespaceCollapse whitespace in strings
stringlib::containsTest for substring
stringlib::formatFormatting a string
stringlib::formatfConvert a floating-point number to a string
stringlib::formatTimeTextual description of a time length
stringlib::lowerConvert to lower-case
stringlib::maskMetaMask regular expression special characters
stringlib::orderSorting procedure for Sort
stringlib::posPosition of a substring
stringlib::randomCreate a random string
stringlib::readTextRead text file
stringlib::removeDelete substrings
stringlib::splitSplit a string
stringlib::subsSubstitution in a string
stringlib::subsopSubstitution in a string
stringlib::upperConvert to upper-case
stringlib::validIdentValidate identifier name
strmatchMatch pattern in character string
substringExtract a substring from a string
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