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Operations on Strings

Create, analyze, and modify strings

MuPAD Functions

stringlib::collapseWhitespace Collapse whitespace in strings
stringlib::contains Test for substring
stringlib::format Formatting a string
stringlib::formatf Convert a floating-point number to a string
stringlib::formatTime Textual description of a time length
stringlib::lower Convert to lower-case
stringlib::maskMeta Mask regular expression special characters
stringlib::order Sorting procedure for Sort
stringlib::pos Position of a substring
stringlib::random Create a random string
stringlib::readText Read text file
stringlib::remove Delete substrings
stringlib::split Split a string
stringlib::subs Substitution in a string
stringlib::subsop Substitution in a string
stringlib::upper Convert to upper-case
stringlib::validIdent Validate identifier name
strmatch Match pattern in character string
substring Extract a substring from a string
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