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Properties and Assumptions

Restrict possible values of variables or expressions

MuPAD Functions

assume Set permanent assumption
assumeAlso Add permanent assumption
assuming Set temporary assumption
assumingAlso Add temporary assumption
getprop Query properties of expressions
is Check a mathematical property of an expression
iszero Generic zero test
property::depends Dependence table with all properties of an expression
property::hasprop Does an object have properties?
property::showprops What assumptions are made?
unassume Delete the properties of an identifier

Examples and How To

Use Permanent Assumptions

Permanent assumptions work best for the mathematical properties that hold true throughout your computations.

Use Temporary Assumptions

Use temporary assumptions to specify that an object holds mathematical properties for a particular calculation.



Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

When to Use Assumptions

By default, MuPAD® assumes that all symbolic parameters and variables represent complex numbers.

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