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Quantile Functions

Inverse cumulative distribution function for continuous and discrete distributions

MuPAD Functions

stats::betaQuantileQuantile function of the beta distribution
stats::binomialQuantileQuantile function of the binomial distribution
stats::cauchyQuantileQuantile function of the Cauchy distribution
stats::chisquareQuantileQuantile function of the chi-square distribution
stats::empiricalQuantileQuantile function of the empirical distribution
stats::erlangQuantileQuantile function of the Erlang distribution
stats::exponentialQuantileQuantile function of the exponential distribution
stats::fQuantileQuantile function of Fisher's f-distribution (fratio distribution)
stats::finiteQuantileQuantile function of a finite sample space
stats::gammaQuantileQuantile function of the gamma distribution
stats::geometricQuantileQuantile function of the geometric distribution
stats::hypergeometricQuantileQuantile function of the hypergeometric distribution
stats::logisticQuantileQuantile function of the logistic distribution
stats::lognormalQuantileQuantile function of the log-normal distribution
stats::normalQuantileQuantile function of the normal distribution
stats::poissonQuantileQuantile function of the Poisson distribution
stats::tQuantileQuantile function of Student's t-distribution
stats::uniformQuantileQuantile function of the uniform distribution
stats::weibullQuantileQuantile function of the Weibull distribution


Supported Distributions

MuPAD® supports standard continuous and discrete distributions.

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