Statistical Visualization

View statistical data patterns and trends

MuPAD Graphical Primitives

plot::Bars2d 2D bar chart
plot::Bars3d 3D bar chart of matrix data
plot::Boxplot Statistical box plots
plot::Density Density plot
plot::Histogram2d Histogram plots of data
plot::Piechart2d 2D pie charts
plot::Piechart3d 3D pie charts
plot::QQplot Statistical quantile-quantile plots
plot::SurfaceSTL Import of STL graphics files

MuPAD Graphical Attributes

Area Area of a histogram plot
Averaged Mode for computing quantile lines in box plots
Cells Classes of histogram plots
Data The (statistical) data to plot
Ground Base value
Size Size of a point list
CellsClosed, ClassesClosed Interpretation of the classes in histogram plots
DensityData, DensityFunction Density values for a density plot
Heights, Moves Heights of pieces in pie charts
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