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Surfaces and Volumes

Plot spheres, cones, cylinders, prisms, pyramids, and more

MuPAD Graphical Primitives

plot::Box Boxes in 3D
plot::Cone Cones and frustums
plot::Cylinder Cylinders
plot::MuPADCube "the cube" (the logo)
plot::Prism Prisms
plot::Pyramid Pyramids and frustums of pyramids
plot::Sphere Graphical primitive for spheres
plot::Ellipsoid Graphical primitive for ellipsoids
plot::Surface Parametrized surfaces in 3D
plot::SurfaceSet Triangle and quad surface meshes
plot::Sweep Sweep surface from the deformation of a 3D curve
plot::Tetrahedron Regular Tetrahedra
plot::Hexahedron Regular Hexahedra
plot::Octahedron Regular Octahedra
plot::Dodecahedron Regular Dodecahedra
plot::Icosahedron Regular Icosahedra
plot::Tube Generalized tubular plots (canal surfaces)
plot::Waterman Waterman polyhedra
plot::XRotate Surfaces of revolution around x-axis
plot::ZRotate Surfaces of revolution around z-axis

MuPAD Graphical Attributes

Edges Number of Edges
RadiusFunction Radius of a tube plot
Base, Top, BaseX, TopX, BaseY, TopY, BaseZ, TopZ Base center of cones, cylinders, pyramids and prisms
BaseRadius, TopRadius Base and top radius of cones/conical frustums and pyramids/frustums of pyramids
Center, CenterX, CenterY, CenterZ Center of objects, rotation center
MeshList, MeshListType, MeshListNormals Triangulation data
SemiAxisXSemiAxes, SemiAxisX, SemiAxisY, SemiAxisZ
XFunction1, YFunction1, ZFunction1, XFunction2, YFunction2, ZFunction2 Parametrization of the curves in sweep surfaces

Examples and How To


We present a collection of pictures illustrating the capabilities of the present MuPAD® graphics system.

Advanced Plotting: Principles and First Examples

Advanced Plotting in 2D and 3D.


The Full Picture: Graphical Trees

Graphical trees form the structure of a MuPAD plot.


In this section, we give a brief survey of the graphical primitives, grouping constructs, transformation routines etc.

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