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Symbolic Solvers

Solve algebraic equations and systems analytically, simplify results, test solutions

MuPAD Functions

linsolve Solve a system of linear equations
poles Poles of expression or function
rec Domain of recurrence equations
RootOf Set of roots of a polynomial
solve Solve equations and inequalities
testeq Check the mathematical equivalence of expressions
solvelib::pdioe Solve polynomial Diophantine equations

Examples and How To

Choose a Solver

The general solvers (solve for symbolic solutions and numeric::solve for numeric approximations) handle a wide variety of equations, inequalities, and systems.

Solve Algebraic Equations and Inequalities

The solver accepts both equations and expressions.

Solve Algebraic Systems

When solving a linear system of symbolic equations, the general solver returns a set of solutions:

Test Results

Suppose you want to verify the solutions of this polynomial equation:


If Results Look Too Complicated

By default, the MuPAD® solvers return all possible solutions regardless of their length.

If Results Differ from Expected

Symbolic solutions can be returned in different, but mathematically equivalent forms.

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