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Linear Equations

Linear systems of equations in matrix form

MuPAD Functions

det Determinant of a matrix
norm Compute the norm of a matrix, a vector, or a polynomial
linalg::cond Condition number of a matrix
linalg::matlinsolve Solving systems of linear equations
linalg::matlinsolveLU Solving the linear system given by an LU decomposition
linalg::rank Rank of a matrix
linalg::toeplitzSolve Solve a linear Toeplitz system
linalg::vandermondeSolve Solve a linear Vandermonde system
numeric::det Determinant of a matrix
numeric::inverse Inverse of a matrix
numeric::rank Numerical estimate of the rank of a matrix

Examples and How To

Choose a Solver

The general solvers (solve for symbolic solutions and numeric::solve for numeric approximations) handle a wide variety of equations, inequalities, and systems.

Solve Algebraic Systems

When solving a linear system of symbolic equations, the general solver returns a set of solutions:

Invert Matrices

To find the inverse of a matrix, enter 1/A or A^(-1):

Compute Determinants and Traces of Square Matrices

MuPAD® provides the functions for performing many special operations on matrices.

Compute Rank of a Matrix

The rank of a matrix is the number of independent rows of a matrix.

Compute Determinant Numerically

To compute the determinant of a square matrix numerically, use the numeric::det function.


Linear Algebra Library

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

Numeric Algorithms Library

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

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