Data Acquisition Toolbox Test Elements

The Data Acquisition Toolbox™ elements provide a way to bring analog and digital data from a data acquisition device into a SystemTest™ test, or to send analog or digital data from your device. You can use these elements along with the other elements in the SystemTest software to create tests for Simulink® models and other applications.

    Note   To use the Data Acquisition Toolbox elements, you need a license for the Data Acquisition Toolbox™ software. These four elements will not appear in the SystemTest software without this license.

The Data Acquisition Toolbox software provides four elements that you can use in the SystemTest software:

  • Analog Input — For reading analog data from your data acquisition device

  • Analog Output — For sending analog data to your data acquisition device

  • Digital Input — For reading digital data from your data acquisition device

  • Digital Output — For sending digital data to your data acquisition device

You can configure each test element to communicate with your data acquisition devices for sending or receiving digital or analog data.

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