Distribute a Test

The following general example shows how you can distribute any test you have created.

You create and set up a distributed test as you would set up any test, using the SystemTest™ desktop. If you determine that the test takes a long time to execute, you may benefit from distributing it. You then use the Distributed tab on Test Properties to set up the test distribution.

To distribute a test:

  1. Select your test name in the Test Browser. Then click the Distributed tab in the Test Properties pane.

  2. Select the Enable Distributed Testing check box to enable distributed testing and activate the other options on the tab.

  3. The SystemTest software uses the user configurations set up in the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software. User configurations identify various settings, such as which scheduler to use.

    In the User Configuration section, keep the default user configuration, or select the second radio button and choose a different configuration from the drop-down list.

    For more details, see Select a User Configuration.

  4. If your test is dependent on files, such as models, MATLAB® code files, or MAT-files, in order to execute, you need to specify the dependent files so that the worker machines can access the files while the test is running.

    If there are files that need to be copied onto the worker machines, use the File Dependencies tab. If there are files available on a shared network location that need to be accessed by the worker machines, use the Path Dependencies tab instead. For example, if you use a Simulink element that references a large model available from a shared network folder, you should set a path dependency to the directory containing your model.

    Enter the necessary file or path dependencies into the respective tabs by double-clicking the top row in the tables. For more details, see Set Up File Dependencies and Set Up Path Dependencies.

  5. The SystemTest software will calculate number of iterations per task for you, or you can specify that, in the Distribution of main test runs across tasks section.

    Use Default, or change it by selecting the second option, which enables the number field. Enter the number of iterations per task you want to use and press Enter or click outside the field.

    For details on how these values are calculated, see Distribute Iterations Across Tasks.

  6. Run the distributed test as you would run any other test, by clicking the Run button in the SystemTest toolbar.

    For information on what happens when you execute a distributed test, see Run a Distributed Test.

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