Functions in SystemTest

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addArtifact Add artifact to test results object
getCurrent Access test results object from SystemTest TEST-File
getInfo List of available Segment type classpaths
getSignal Signal mapped to signal name
horzcat Horizontally concatenate one to many TestCase Objects
isSignal Check if signal name is mapped
removeSignal Remove mapped signal
renameSignal Rename mapped signal to new name
setDataType Update data type for signal
setSignal Assign signal to signal name
stLoadTestCases Load systest.TestCase objects from SystemTest TEST-file
strun Run series of SystemTest test files
stSaveTestCases Save systest.TestCase objects from SystemTest TEST-file
systest.createHarness Create SystemTest test harness from model
systest.requirements.createlink Create requirements link object
systest.requirements.getInfo Information on supported requirements linking objects
systest.signals.segments Contain supported segment types for creating signals
systest.signals.Signal Collection of segments used to generate time-based data
systest.TestCase Collection of signals for creating time-based data
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