Instrument Control Toolbox Elements


The Instrument Control Toolbox™ elements provide a way to bring data from instruments into a SystemTest™ test, or to transmit data from your instrument. You can use these elements along with the other elements in the SystemTest software to create tests for Simulink® models and other applications.

    Note   To use the Instrument Control Toolbox elements, you need a license for the Instrument Control Toolbox™ software. These three elements will not appear in the SystemTest software without this license.

The Instrument Control Toolbox software provides three of elements that you can use in the SystemTest software:

  • To Instrument — For sending commands or data to your instrument

  • From Instrument — For reading data from your instrument

  • Query Instrument — For querying your instrument status or properties

You can configure these elements to communicate with your instruments by using SystemTest resources supported by the Instrument Control Toolbox software.

Access Resources

If your MATLAB® installation includes elements that require resources, the SystemTest desktop includes a Resources pane that lets you access the resources available through these toolboxes. For example, if your MATLAB installation includes the Instrument Control Toolbox software, you can see the Resources pane, if you open it from the Desktop menu. Select Desktop > Resources to open the pane. It will tab with the Test Vectors and Test Variables on the lower-left corner of the desktop. Resources are toolbox-specific. For example, an Instrument resource might be configured to connect to a device over your computer's serial port.

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