Select a User Configuration

You or an administrator must set up a user configuration in the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software before distributing tests in the SystemTest™ software. The user configuration determines certain administrative options, such as what scheduler is used. You can use the MathWorks® job manager that comes with MATLAB® Distributed Computing Server™, and the local scheduler that comes with the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software. You can also use a third-party scheduler, such as Windows CCS, Platform Computing LSF, mpiexec, or a generic scheduler.

In the User Configuration field on the Distributed tab, select the user configuration that will be used when you distribute tests.

  • The Default option indicates the configuration that is designated as the default in the Parallel Computing Toolbox software. The name of the configuration appears in parentheses.

  • If you have any other configurations defined, they will appear in the drop-down list under Default. Either use the default, or click the second radio button and choose a user configuration from the list.

In the following example, this user has several different schedulers and has a separate user configuration for each scheduler. In this example, the user configurations are named for the schedulers they use.

User configurations contain other information in addition to scheduler selection, and are used to define other distributed computing parameters. See Programming with User Configurations in the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ documentation for details on setting up the user configuration.

If you load a test containing a user configuration that no longer exists, this option will be in an error state. You can correct the error by selecting a valid user configuration.

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