Set Up Path Dependencies

Use the Path Dependencies table to indicate directories to be added to the workers' MATLAB® path. If the worker machines need to access certain files during the test, you can add the directories here. These directories are added to the workers' MATLAB path such that the necessary files can be located. For example, if you use a Simulink element that references a large model available from a shared network folder, you should set a path dependency to the directory containing your model.

Note: If there are files that cannot be accessed from a shared location, use File Dependencies instead.

You can enter path dependencies in the Path Dependencies table, as described below, or in the user configuration that is set up in the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software. If there are any path dependencies specified by the currently selected user configuration, they will also be listed on this tab, but will appear in italics and are not editable in the SystemTest™ software. Paths you enter through the SystemTest software appear in regular text and are editable here.

To set a path dependency:

  1. Click the Path Dependencies tab within the Distributed tab.

  2. Double-click the entry row in the table (the top row).

    The row becomes a text field.

  3. Do either:

    • Type the path in the field, and then press Enter.

    • Click the browse button in the entry row, browse to the directory, then click Open in the browse dialog box.

The dependency you entered then appears as a new row in the list.

In the following example, because the model is very large the user set up a path dependency for the directory containing the model that the test uses.

Notice in this example that the path is listed twice, once in Windows® format and once in UNIX® or Linux® format. If you have a heterogeneous cluster that contains both Windows and UNIX or Linux worker machines, you need to add the path twice so that all workers can use it.

    Note:   Path dependencies must be listed in the format supported by the type of worker machines the cluster contains, as shown in the previous figure (which shows both styles). Also, for Windows machines that cannot be directly accessed by all the workers, you need to specify the path as a UNC path.

If you want to delete a path dependency, select it and click the Delete button. You can delete only dependencies added in the SystemTest software. You cannot delete any that were specified by the user configuration.

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