SystemTest Software and Parallel Computing Toolbox Integration

You can distribute SystemTest™ tests across multiple computers or processors. You can set up a test and then distribute Main Test iterations as tasks, which are performed concurrently by different workers. This can help speed up the total time the test takes to execute.

    Note:   To distribute tests in the SystemTest software, you need a license for the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software.

You set up a distributed test as you would set up any test, using the SystemTest desktop. Then you use the Distributed tab on the Test Properties pane to set up the test distribution.

To access the distributed testing functionality in the SystemTest software, do one of the following:

  • Select your test name in the Test Browser. This is the top node in the Test Browser, that lists the name you give the test when you save it, or "Untitled," if you have not saved it yet. Then click on the Distributed tab in the Test Properties pane.

  • Select Tools > Distributed Testing on the SystemTest menu. This opens the Distributed tab.

Note that if you do not have the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software installed, the tab displays a message indicating you cannot use the distributed testing functionality.

    Note:   To see a diagram that shows how distributed testing with the SystemTest software works and illustrates the relationship between the SystemTest software, the scheduler, and the workers, see Run a Distributed Test.

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