Collection of signals for creating time-based data


testCase = systest.TestCase(test_case_name)


testCase = systest.TestCase(test_case_name) is a collection of signals in the test case test_case_name.

TestCase objects allow you to map signal names to systest.signals.Signal objects.

Properties is a structure holding all properties of the TestCase. To access or modify a property of a TestCase object, use the Properties property.

testCase.Properties.Name = 'New Name;
testCase.Properties.Description = 'My Description;

The following functions can be used on the TestCase object:

  • TestCase – Creates a TestCase object.

  • isSignal – Checks if a signal name is mapped.

  • setSignal – Maps a signal name to a signal.

  • getSignal – Gets the signal mapped to a signal name.

  • removeSignal – Removes a mapped signal.

  • renameSignal – Renames a mapped signal to a new name.

  • setDataType – Updates data type for a signal.

  • horzcat – Combines TestCases into an array.


The following example creates a test case where the ramp linearly increases.

Create a test case by specifying the name.

testCase = systest.TestCase('Test Case 1')

Map signal names directly to signal objects.

testCase.In1 = systest.signals.Signal('Constant');
testCase.In2 = systest.signals.Signal('Step');
testCase.In3 = systest.signals.Signal('Ramp');
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