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Bloomberg EMSX example order blotter


  • [T,Subs] = emsxOrderBlotter(c) example



[T,Subs] = emsxOrderBlotter(c) displays a trader's order information. c is the Bloomberg® EMSX connection object, T is the timer object associated with the event handler, and Subs is the Bloomberg order subscription.


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Display Order in Order Blotter Interface

Start the EMSX order blotter interface for connection object C.


The order blotter interface shows the current order information for a trader.

Define a reqSruct and then create a Bloomberg order.

reqStruct.EMSX_AMOUNT = int32(330);
reqStruct.EMSX_ORDER_TYPE = 'MKT';
reqStruct.EMSX_BROKER = 'BB';
reqStruct.EMSX_TIF = 'DAY';
reqStruct.EMSX_SIDE = 'BUY';
reqStruct.EMSX_TICKER = 'XYZ';
 CreateOrderAndRoute = {
     EMSX_SEQUENCE = 381499
     EMSX_ROUTE_ID = 1
     MESSAGE = Order created and routed

This updates the order blotter interface with information on the created and routed order (EMSX_SEQUENCE 381499) using the event handler function processEventToBlotter. As orders are created and managed, the blotter is updated.

Input Arguments

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c — Connection object for Bloomberg EMSX serviceobject structure

Connection object for Bloomberg EMSX service, specified using emsx.

Output Arguments

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T — Timer for event handlerstring

Timer for the event handler, returned as a string.

Subs — Bloomberg EMSX order subscription structure

Bloomberg EMSX order subscription, returned as an object.

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