Functions in Trading Toolbox

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close Close Bloomberg EMSX connection
close Close CQG connection
close Close IB Trader Workstation connection
close Close X_TRADER connection
cqg Create CQG connection object
createInstrument Create instrument for X_TRADER
createNotifier Create instrument notifier for X_TRADER
createOrder Create Bloomberg EMSX order
createOrder Create CQG order
createOrder Create IB Trader Workstation order
createOrderAndRoute Create and route Bloomberg EMSX order
createOrderAndRouteWithStrat Create and route Bloomberg EMSX order with strategies
createOrderProfile Create order profile for X_TRADER
createOrderSet Create order set for X_TRADER
deleteOrder Delete Bloomberg EMSX order
deleteRoute Delete Bloomberg EMSX active shares
emsx Create Bloomberg EMSX connection
emsxOrderBlotter Bloomberg EMSX example order blotter
getAllFieldMetaData Obtain Bloomberg EMSX field information
getBrokerInfo Obtain Bloomberg EMSX broker and strategy information
getData Obtain current X_TRADER data
getdata Request current Interactive Brokers data
history Request CQG historical data
history Request Interactive Brokers historical data
ibtws Create IB Trader Workstation connection
modifyOrder Modify Bloomberg EMSX order
modifyRoute Modify Bloomberg EMSX route
modifyRouteWithStrat Modify route with strategies for Bloomberg EMSX
orders Obtain Bloomberg EMSX order subscription
processEvent Sample Bloomberg EMSX event handler
realtime Subscribe to CQG instrument
routeOrder Route Bloomberg EMSX order
routeOrderWithStrat Route Bloomberg EMSX order with strategies
routes Obtain Bloomberg EMSX route subscription
shutDown Close CQG connection
startUp Create CQG connection
timeseries Request CQG intraday tick data
timeseries Request Interactive Brokers aggregated intraday data
xtrdr Create X_TRADER connection
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