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Workflow for Bloomberg EMSX

The workflow for Bloomberg® EMSX is versatile with many options for alternate flows to create, route, and manage the status of an open order until it is filled.

  1. Connect to Bloomberg EMSX using emsx.

  2. Set up a subscription for orders and routes to obtain events on subsequent requests using orders and routes.

  3. Create a Bloomberg EMSX order. Options in the flow of creating an order are:

  4. Modify an order or route using these functions:

  5. Delete an order or route using these functions:

  6. Obtain information from Bloomberg EMSX using these functions:

  7. Explore information about existing orders and routes using these functions:

    • View order transactions with a sample order blotter using emsxOrderBlotter.

    • Process the current contents of the event queue using processEvent.

  8. Close the Bloomberg EMSX connection using close.

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