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Analysis and Statistics

Perform image statistics, contrast enhancement, and noise removal

Analysis and enhancement techniques enable you to increase signal-to-noise ratio and accentuate features


2-D AutocorrelationCompute 2-D autocorrelation of input matrix
2-D CorrelationCompute 2-D cross-correlation of two input matrices
2-D HistogramGenerate histogram of input or sequence of inputs
2-D MaximumFind maximum values in input or sequence of inputs
2-D MeanFind mean value of each input matrix
2-D MedianFind 2-D Median value of each input matrix
2-D MinimumFind minimum values in input or sequence of inputs
2-D Standard DeviationFind standard deviation of each input matrix
2-D VarianceCompute variance of input or sequence of inputs
Blob AnalysisCompute statistics for labeled regions
Find Local MaximaFind local maxima in matrices
PSNRCompute peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) between images


Find the Histogram of an Image

The Histogram block computes the frequency distribution of the elements in each input image by sorting the elements into a specified number of discrete bins.

Correct Nonuniform Illumination

Use the Opening block to correct for uneven lighting in an image.