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Geometric Camera Calibration

Estimate intrinsic, extrinsic, and lens distortion parameters

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These functions and the camera calibrator app can be used to estimate intrinsic, extrinsic, and lens distortion parameters of a camera. You can use these camera parameters for various computer vision applications. These applications include removing the effects of lens distortion from an image, measuring planar objects, or 3-D reconstruction from multiple cameras.


cameraCalibrator Camera calibration app
detectCheckerboardPoints Detect checkerboard pattern in image
generateCheckerboardPoints Generate checkerboard corner locations
estimateCameraParameters Estimate camera parameters
extrinsics Compute location of calibrated camera
undistortImage Correct lens distortion
showExtrinsics Visualize extrinsic camera parameters
showReprojectionErrors Visualize calibration errors


cameraParameters Object for storing camera parameters
stereoParameters Object for storing stereo camera system parameters
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