Computer Vision System Toolbox Classes

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affine2d 2-D Affine Geometric Transformation
affine3d 3-D Affine Geometric Transformation
bagOfFeatures Bag of visual words object
binaryFeatures Object for storing binary feature vectors
BRISKPoints Object for storing BRISK interest points
cameraCalibrationErrors Object for storing standard errors of estimated camera parameters
cameraParameters Object for storing camera parameters
cornerPoints Object for storing corner points
cylinderModel Object for storing a parametric cylinder model
extrinsicsEstimationErrors Object for storing standard errors of estimated camera extrinsics
findNearestNeighbors Find nearest neighbors of a point
findNeighborsInRadius Find neighbors within a radius
findPointsInROI Find points within ROI
imageCategoryClassifier Predict image category
imageSet Define collection of images
integralKernel Define filter for use with integral images
intrinsicsEstimationErrors Object for storing standard errors of estimated camera intrinsics and distortion coefficients
invertedImageIndex Search index that maps visual words to images
matlab.System Base class for System objects
matlab.system.display.Action Custom button
matlab.system.display.Header Header for System objects properties
matlab.system.display.Section Property group section for System objects
matlab.system.display.SectionGroup Section group for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.CustomIcon Custom icon mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.FiniteSource Finite source mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect Nondirect feedthrough mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.Propagates Signal characteristics propagation mixin class
matlab.system.StringSet Set of valid string values
MSERRegions Object for storing MSER regions
ocrText Object for storing OCR results
opticalFlow Object for storing optical flow matrices
opticalFlowFarneback Estimate optical flow using Farneback method
opticalFlowHS Estimate optical flow using Horn-Schunck method
opticalFlowLK Estimate optical flow using Lucas-Kanade method
opticalFlowLKDoG Estimate optical flow using Lucas-Kanade derivative of Gaussian method
pcplayer Visualize streaming 3-D point cloud data
planeModel Object for storing a parametric plane model
pointCloud Object for storing a 3-D point cloud
pointTrack Object for storing matching points from multiple views
projective2d 2-D Projective Geometric Transformation
removeInvalidPoints Remove invalid points
sphereModel Object for storing a parametric sphere model
stereoCalibrationErrors Object for storing standard errors of estimated stereo parameters
stereoParameters Object for storing stereo camera system parameters
SURFPoints Object for storing SURF interest points
viewSet Object for managing data for structure-from-motion and visual odometry
vision.KalmanFilter Kalman filter for object tracking
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