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Periodic Noise Reduction

This example shows how to remove periodic noise from a video. In a video stream, periodic noise is typically caused by the presence of electrical or electromechanical interference during video acquisition or transmission. This type of noise is most effectively reduced with frequency domain filtering, which isolates the frequencies occupied by the noise and suppresses them using a band-reject filter.

Example Model

The following figure shows the Periodic Noise Reduction example model:

Periodic Noise Reduction Results

This example creates periodic noise by adding two 2-D sinusoids with varying frequency and phase to the video frames. Then it removes this noise using a frequency-domain or spatial-domain filter. You can specify which filter the example uses by double-clicking the Filtering Method switch.

For the frequency-domain filter, the model uses a binary mask, which it creates using Draw Shapes blocks, to eliminate a band of frequencies from the frequency domain representation of the image. For the spatial-domain filter, the model uses the 2-D FIR Filter block and precomputed band-reject filter coefficients that were derived using the Filter Designer (filterDesigner) and the ftrans2 function.

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