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Visual Effects

This example shows how to apply different visual effects to a video stream. The example uses the parameters you specify in the Effects block dialog box to alter the appearance of the video frames. Your choices are Relief, Sharpen, Oil painting, Emboss, Blur, or Spread. The Relief, Sharpen, Emboss, and Blur effects illustrate the 2-D filtering capabilities of the Computer Vision System Toolbox™. The Oil painting and Spread effects use the Block Processing block to perform operations on submatrices of the input to achieve the specified visual effect.

Example Model

The following figure shows the Visual Effects example model:

Video Effects Results

The Original window shows the original video stream. The After effect window shows the result of applying the visual effect. In this case, the Effect parameter is set to Emboss.

Available Example Versions

Floating-point versions of this example:

Windows® only: vipeffects_win.mdlvipeffects_win.mdl

Platform independent: vipeffects_all.mdlvipeffects_all.mdl

Windows-only example models might contain compressed multimedia files or To Video Display blocks, both of which are only supported on Windows platforms. The To Video Display block supports code generation, and its performance is optimized for Windows.

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