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Add annotations and graphics to images and video

Adding graphics to video can help you visualize extracted information or debug a system design. You can also insert text to display the number of objects or to keep track of other key information. You can insert graphics, such as markers, lines, and polygons, to mark found features, delineate objects, or highlight other key features. The toolbox functionality fuses text and graphics into the image or video rather than maintaining a separate layer. You can combine two video sources in a composite that can highlight objects or a key region.

Functions and Classes

plotCameraPlot a camera in 3-D coordinates
insertMarkerInsert markers in image or video
insertObjectAnnotationAnnotate truecolor or grayscale image or video stream
insertShapeInsert shapes in image or video
insertTextInsert text in image or video
listTrueTypeFontsList available TrueType fonts
bbox2pointsConvert rectangle to corner points list
vision.AlphaBlenderCombine images, overlay images, or highlight selected pixels


CompositingCombine pixel values of two images, overlay one image over another, or highlight selected pixels
Draw MarkersDraw markers by embedding predefined shapes on output image
Draw ShapesDraw rectangles, lines, polygons, or circles on images
Image PadPad signal along its rows, columns, or both
Insert TextDraw text on image or video stream.


Annotate Video Files with Frame Numbers

Use the Insert Text block to add descriptive text to a video

Count Objects in an Image

Use the Opening and Label blocks to determine the number of spokes in a wheel.