Computer Vision System Toolbox Product Description

Design and simulate computer vision and video processing systems

Computer Vision System Toolbox™ provides algorithms, functions, and apps for designing and simulating computer vision and video processing systems. You can perform feature detection, extraction, and matching; object detection and tracking; motion estimation; and video processing. For 3-D computer vision, the system toolbox supports camera calibration, stereo vision, 3-D reconstruction, and 3-D point cloud processing. With machine learning based frameworks, you can train object detection, object recognition, and image retrieval systems. Algorithms are available as MATLAB® functions, System objects, and Simulink® blocks.

For rapid prototyping and embedded system design, the system toolbox supports fixed-point arithmetic and C-code generation.

Key Features

  • Object detection and tracking, including the Viola-Jones, Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT), and Kalman filtering methods

  • Training of object detection, object recognition, and image retrieval systems, including cascade object detection and bag-of-features methods

  • Camera calibration for single and stereo cameras, including automatic checkerboard detection and an app for workflow automation

  • Stereo vision, including rectification, disparity calculation, and 3-D reconstruction

  • 3-D point cloud processing, including I/O, visualization, registration, denoising, and geometric shape fitting

  • Feature detection, extraction, and matching

  • Support for C-code generation and fixed-point arithmetic with code generation products

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