Morphological Operations

Morphology and connected component analysis

System Objects

vision.ConnectedComponentLabeler Label and count the connected regions in a binary image
vision.MorphologicalBottomHat Bottom-hat filtering on image
vision.MorphologicalClose Perform morphological closing on image
vision.MorphologicalDilate Perform morphological dilation on an image
vision.MorphologicalErode Perform morphological erosion on an image
vision.MorphologicalOpen Perform morphological opening on an image
vision.MorphologicalTopHat Top-hat filtering on image


Bottom-hat Perform bottom-hat filtering on intensity or binary images
Closing Perform morphological closing on binary or intensity images
Dilation Find local maxima in binary or intensity image
Erosion Find local minima in binary or intensity images
Label Label connected components in binary images
Opening Perform morphological opening on binary or intensity images
Top-hat Perform top-hat filtering on intensity or binary images

Examples and How To

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