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Point Cloud Fitting to Geometric Shapes

Fit 3-D point clouds to cylinder, plane, and sphere geometric shapes


pcfitcylinderFit cylinder to 3-D point cloud
pcfitplaneFit plane to 3-D point cloud
pcfitsphereFit sphere to 3-D point cloud
pcnormalsEstimate normals for point cloud
cylinderModelObject for storing a parametric cylinder model
planeModelObject for storing a parametric plane model
sphereModelObject for storing a parametric sphere model


Detect Multiple Planes from Point Cloud

Use the point cloud plane fitting function to detect multiple planes in a point cloud.

Extract Cylinder from Point Cloud

Detect and extract a cylinder from the point cloud by specifying the inlier points.

Detect Sphere from Point Cloud

Use the point cloud sphere fitting function to detect a sphere from a point cloud.