Open single camera calibration app


  • cameraCalibrator(imageFolder,squareSize)
  • cameraCalibrator(imageFolder,squareSize,squareSizeUnits)
  • cameraCalibrator(sessionFile)
  • cameraCalibrator CLOSE



cameraCalibrator opens the Camera Calibrator app. You can use this app to estimate camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. This app can also be used to compute parameters needed to remove the effects of lens distortion from an image.

cameraCalibrator(imageFolder,squareSize) invokes the camera calibration app and loads calibration images from imageFolder. The squareSize input must be a scalar in millimeters that specifies the size of the checkerboard square in the calibration pattern.

cameraCalibrator(imageFolder,squareSize,squareSizeUnits) additionally specifies the units of the square size. If you do not specify units, the app sets squareSizeUnits, to 'mm'.

cameraCalibrator(sessionFile) invokes the app and loads a saved camera calibration session. Set the sessionFile to the name of the saved session file. The name must include the path to the MAT file containing the saved session.

cameraCalibrator CLOSE closes all open apps.


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Launch the Camera Calibrator

Type cameraCalibrator on the MATLAB® command-line or select if from the MATLAB desktop APPS tab.

Input Arguments

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imageFolder — Folder containing images string

Folder containing images, specified as a string. The string must contain the path and folder name.

squareSize — Size of checkerboard squarescalar

Size of checkerboard square in calibration pattern, specified as a scalar value. If you do not specify the units with the squareSizeUnits input, the app uses millimeters for the size.

squareSizeUnits — Units of checkerboard square size 'mm' (default) | 'cm' | 'in'

Units of checkerboard square, specified as the string 'mm', 'cm', or 'in'.

sessionFile — Saved calibration session string

Saved calibration session MAT file name, specified as a string.

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