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fastRCNNObjectDetector class

Detect objects using Fast R-CNN deep learning detector


The fastRCNNObjectDetector object contains a Fast R-CNN (regions with convolution neural networks) object detector returned by the trainFastRCNNObjectDetector function. Use of the fastRCNNObjectDetector object requires Neural Network Toolbox™.

When using the detect or classifyRegions method, use of a CUDA®-enabled NVIDIA® GPU with compute capability 3.0 or higher is highly recommended. The GPU reduces computation time significantly. Usage of the GPU requires Parallel Computing Toolbox™.


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Name of the trained object detector, specified as a character vector. By default, the trainFastRCNNObjectDetector function sets the name. You can modify the name after training.

Trained Fast R-CNN object detection network, specified as a vision.cnn.FastRCNN object. The object stores the layers that define the convolutional neural network used within the R-CNN detector. This network classifies region proposals produced by RegionProposalFcn.

Region proposal method, specified as a function handle.

Names of the object classes that the Fast R-CNN detector was trained to find, specified as a cell array.

Minimum object size supported by the Fast R-CNN network, specified as a [height width] vector. The minimum size depends on the network architecture.


classifyRegionsClassify objects within regions using Fast R-CNN object detector
detectDetect objects using Fast R-CNN object detector

Introduced in R2017a