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Class: pointCloud

Find points within ROI


indices = findPointsInROI(ptCloud,roi)


indices = findPointsInROI(ptCloud,roi) returns the points within a region of interest.

Input Arguments

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Point cloud, specified as a pointCloud object.

Region of interest, specified as a 3-by-2 matrix. The format defining the region of interest cuboid matrix is [xmin, xmax; ymin, ymax; zmin, zmax].

Output Arguments

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Linear indices to stored points, returned as a column vector. The indices vector contains the stored points in the ptCloud object.


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Create a point cloud object with randomly generated points.

ptCloudA = pointCloud(100*rand(1000,3,'single'));

Define a cuboid.

roi = [0,50;0,inf;0,inf];

Find all the points within the cuboid.

indices = findPointsInROI(ptCloudA, roi);
ptCloudB = select(ptCloudA,indices);

Display points within the ROI.

hold on;
hold off;


Muja, M. and David G. Lowe. "Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors with Automatic Algorithm Configuration". In VISAPP International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications. 2009. pp. 331–340.

Introduced in R2015a