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System object: vision.PointTracker
Package: vision

Set points to track




setPoints(H,POINTS) sets the points for tracking. The method sets the M-by-2 POINTS array of [x y] coordinates with the points to track. This method can be used if the points need to be re-detected because too many of them have been lost during tracking.

setPoints(H,POINTS,POINT_VALIDITY) additionally lets you mark points as either valid or invalid. The input logical vector POINT_VALIDITY of length M, contains the true or false value corresponding to the validity of the point to be tracked. The length M corresponds to the number of points. A false value indicates an invalid point, and it should not be tracked. You can use this method with the vision.GeometricTransformEstimator object to determine the transformation between the point locations in the previous and current frames, and then mark the outliers as invalid.

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