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Stereo Camera Calibration

Extract 3-D information from 2-D images

3-D vision is the process of reconstructing a 3-D scene from two or more views of the scene. Using the Computer Vision System Toolbox™, you can:

  • Perform dense 3-D reconstruction using a calibrated stereo pair of cameras.

  • Reconstruct the scene using an uncalibrated stereo pair of cameras, up to unknown scale.

  • Compute a sparse 3-D reconstruction from multiple images, using a single-calibrated camera.


Stereo Camera CalibratorEstimate geometric parameters of a stereo camera


cameraMatrixCamera projection matrix
detectCheckerboardPointsDetect checkerboard pattern in image
estimateCameraParametersCalibrate a single or stereo camera
generateCheckerboardPointsGenerate checkerboard corner locations
undistortImageCorrect image for lens distortion
undistortPointsCorrect point coordinates for lens distortion
cameraIntrinsics Object for storing intrinsic camera parameters
cameraParametersObject for storing camera parameters
cameraCalibrationErrorsObject for storing standard errors of estimated camera parameters
intrinsicsEstimationErrorsObject for storing standard errors of estimated camera intrinsics and distortion coefficients
extrinsicsEstimationErrorsObject for storing standard errors of estimated camera extrinsics
stereoParametersObject for storing stereo camera system parameters
stereoCalibrationErrorsObject for storing standard errors of estimated stereo parameters
disparityDisparity map between stereo images
reconstructSceneReconstruct 3-D scene from disparity map
rectifyStereoImagesRectify a pair of stereo images
triangulate3-D locations of undistorted matching points in stereo images
pcshowPlot 3-D point cloud
plotCameraPlot a camera in 3-D coordinates
showExtrinsicsVisualize extrinsic camera parameters
showReprojectionErrorsVisualize calibration errors
stereoAnaglyphCreate red-cyan anaglyph from stereo pair of images
rotationMatrixToVectorConvert 3-D rotation matrix to rotation vector
rotationVectorToMatrixConvert 3-D rotation vector to rotation matrix


Coordinate Systems

Specify pixel Indices, spatial coordinates, and 3-D coordinate systems

What Is Camera Calibration?

Estimate the parameters of a lens and image sensor of an image or video camera

Stereo Calibration App

Calibrate a stereo camera, which you can then use to recover depth from images.

Depth Estimation From Stereo Video

This example shows how to detect people in video taken with a calibrated stereo camera and determine their distances from the camera.