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Install OCR Language Data Files

OCR Language Data files contain pretrained language data from the OCR Engine, tesseract-ocr, to use with the ocr function.


After you install third-party support files, you can use the data with the Computer Vision System Toolbox™ product. Use one of two ways to install the Add-on support files.

  • Select Get Add-ons from the Add-ons drop-down menu from the MATLAB® desktop. The Add-on files are in the “MathWorks Features” section.

  • Type visionSupportPackages in a MATLAB Command Window and follow the prompts.


You must have write privileges for the installation folder.

When a new version of MATLAB software is released, repeat this process to check for updates. You can also check for updates between releases.

Pretrained Language Data and the ocr function

After you install the pretrained language data files, you can specify one or more additional languages using the Language property of the ocr function. Use the appropriate language character vector with the property.

txt = ocr(img,'Language','Finnish');

 List of OCR language data in support package

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