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View Rotating 3-D Point Cloud

Load point cloud.

ptCloud = pcread('teapot.ply');

Define a rotation matrix and 3-D transform.

x = pi/180; 
R = [ cos(x) sin(x) 0 0
     -sin(x) cos(x) 0 0
      0         0   1 0
      0         0   0 1];

tform = affine3d(R);

Compute x-_y_ limits that ensure that the rotated teapot is not clipped.

lower = min([ptCloud.XLimits ptCloud.YLimits]);
upper = max([ptCloud.XLimits ptCloud.YLimits]);
xlimits = [lower upper];
ylimits = [lower upper];
zlimits = ptCloud.ZLimits;

Create the player and customize player axis labels.

player = pcplayer(xlimits,ylimits,zlimits);

xlabel(player.Axes,'X (m)');
ylabel(player.Axes,'Y (m)');
zlabel(player.Axes,'Z (m)');

Rotate the teapot around the z-axis.

for i = 1:360      
    ptCloud = pctransform(ptCloud,tform);