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Acquire and Stimulate Measurements

Perform data acquisition and stimulation on slaves nodes


createMeasurementListCreate measurement list for XCP channel
viewMeasurementListsView configured measurement lists on XCP channel
freeMeasurementListsRemove all measurement lists from XCP channel
startMeasurementStart configured DAQ and STIM lists
isMeasurementRunningIndicate if measurement is active
readDAQListDataRead single value of specified measurement
writeSTIMListDataWrite to specified measurement
stopMeasurementStop configured DAQ and STIM lists


A2LFileNameName of the A2L file
SeedKeyDLLName of seed and key security access dll
SlaveNameName of connected slave
TransportLayerTransport layer type
TransportLayerDeviceXCP transport layer connection


XCP Data AcquisitionAcquire selected measurements from configured slave
XCP Data StimulationPerform data stimulation on selected measurements

Examples and How To

Acquire Measurement Data via Dynamic DAQ Lists

This example shows how to can create a dynamic data acquisition list and assign measurements to the list.

Stimulate Measurement Data via Dynamic STIM Lists

This example shows how to can create a dynamic data stimulation list and assign measurements to the list.


XCP Interface

XCP is a high-level protocol that allows you to acquire, stimulate and calibrate data in electronic control units.

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