Acquire and Stimulate Measurements

Perform data acquisition and stimulation on slaves nodes


createMeasurementList Create measurement list for XCP channel
viewMeasurementLists View configured measurement lists on XCP channel
freeMeasurementLists Remove all measurement lists from XCP channel
startMeasurement Start configured DAQ and STIM lists
isMeasurementRunning Indicate if measurement is active
readDAQListData Read single value of specified measurement
writeSTIMListData Write to specified measurement
stopMeasurement Stop configured DAQ and STIM lists


A2LFileName Name of the A2L file
SeedKeyDLL Name of seed and key security access dll
SlaveName Name of connected slave
TransportLayer Transport layer type
TransportLayerDevice XCP transport layer connection


XCP Data Acquisition Acquire selected measurements from configured slave
XCP Data Stimulation Perform data stimulation on selected measurements


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