Hardware Connection

CAN hardware connection and configuration


canHWInfo Information on available CAN devices
canChannel Construct CAN channel connected to selected device
discard Discard all messages from CAN channel
CAN.VendorInfo Display available device vendor information
CAN.ChannelInfo Display device channel information
configBusSpeed Set bit timing rate of CAN channel
canTool Open Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor


BusLoad Display load on CAN bus
Database Store CAN database information
MessageReceivedFcn Specify function to run
MessageReceivedFcnCount Specify number of messages available before function is triggered
Running Determine status of CAN channel
SilentMode Specify if channel is active or silent
TransceiverName Display name of CAN transceiver
TransceiverState Display state or mode of CAN transceiver
UserData Enter custom data
Device Display CAN channel device type
Device(NI) Display NI CAN channel device type
DeviceChannelIndex Display CAN device channel index
DeviceSerialNumber Display CAN device serial number
DeviceVendor Display device vendor name
InitializationAccess Determine control of device channel
BusSpeed List the 7 Messages and Message properties in alpha order.Display speed of CAN bus
NumOfSamples Display number of samples available to channel
SJW Display synchronization jump width (SJW) of bit time segment
TSEG1 Display amount that channel can lengthen sample time
TSEG2 Display amount that channel can shorten sample time


CAN Configuration Configure parameters for specified CAN device
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