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CAN Communication in Simulink

Vehicle network communication in Simulink® using CAN


CAN ConfigurationConfigure parameters for specified CAN device
CAN PackPack individual signals into CAN message
CAN ReceiveReceive CAN messages from specified CAN device
CAN TransmitTransmit CAN message to selected CAN device
CAN UnpackUnpack individual signals from CAN messages
CAN ReplayReplay logged CAN messages
CAN LogLog received CAN messages


canMessageReplayBlockStructConvert CAN messages for use as CAN Replay block output

Examples and How To

CAN Communication Workflows in Simulink

Common CAN model workflows.

Open the Vehicle Network Toolbox Block Library

How to access the block library in Simulink.

Build CAN Communication Simulink Models

Examples of using Vehicle Network Toolbox™ blocks.

Create Custom Blocks

Create custom Receive and Transmit blocks to use with hardware not directly supported by the toolbox.


Vehicle Network Toolbox Simulink Blocks

Introduction to the Vehicle Network Toolbox block library

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