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Vehicle Network Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category

CAN Communication

Basic CAN Communication

canHWInfo Information on available CAN devices
canChannel Construct CAN channel connected to selected device
discard Discard all messages from CAN channel
CAN.VendorInfo Display available device vendor information
CAN.ChannelInfo Display device channel information
configBusSpeed Set bit timing rate of CAN channel
canTool Open Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor
canMessage Build CAN message based on user-specified structure
pack Pack signal data into CAN message
start Set CAN channel online
transmit Send CAN messages to CAN bus
replay Retransmit messages from CAN bus
transmitConfiguration Display messages configured for automatic transmission
transmitEvent Configure messages for event-based transmission
transmitPeriodic Configure messages for periodic transmission
receive Receive messages from CAN bus
attachDatabase Attach CAN database to messages and remove CAN database from messages
stop Set CAN channel offline
unpack Unpack signal data from message
extractAll Select all instances of message from message array
extractRecent Select most recent message from array of messages
extractTime Messages occurring within specified time range
canMessageImport Import CAN message log file from third-party tool
canSignalImport Import CAN log file into decoded signal timetables
canMessageTimetable Convert CAN messages into timetable
canSignalTimetable Create CAN signal timetable from CAN message timetable

Message Database

canDatabase Create handle to CAN database file
attributeInfo Information about CAN database attributes
nodeInfo Information about CAN database node
messageInfo Information about CAN database messages
signalInfo Information about signals in CAN message
valueTableText Look up value of table text for signal
canMessageImport Import CAN message log file from third-party tool
canSignalImport Import CAN log file into decoded signal timetables

Filter Messages

filterAllowAll Allow all messages of specified identifier type
filterAllowOnly Configure message filter to allow only specified messages
filterBlockAll Configure filter to block messages with specified identifier type

CAN Communication in Simulink

canMessageReplayBlockStruct Convert CAN messages for use as CAN Replay block output

XCP Communication

Message Database

xcpA2L Access A2L file
getEventInfo Get event information about specific event from A2L file
getMeasurementInfo Get information about specific measurement from A2L file

Hardware Connection

xcpChannel Create XCP channel
connect Connect XCP channel to slave module
disconnect Disconnect from slave module
isConnected Return connection status

Acquire and Stimulate Measurements

createMeasurementList Create measurement list for XCP channel
viewMeasurementLists View configured measurement lists on XCP channel
freeMeasurementLists Remove all measurement lists from XCP channel
startMeasurement Start configured DAQ and STIM lists
isMeasurementRunning Indicate if measurement is active
readDAQListData Read single value of specified measurement
writeSTIMListData Write to specified measurement
stopMeasurement Stop configured DAQ and STIM lists

Read and Write Data to Memory

readSingleValue Read single sample of specified measurement from memory
writeSingleValue Write single sample to specified measurement

J1939 Communication

canDatabase Create handle to CAN database file
j1939ParameterGroup Create J1939 parameter group
j1939ParameterGroupImport Import J1939 log file
extractAll Occurrences of specified parameter groups
extractRecent Occurrences of most recent parameter groups
extractTime Occurrences of parameter groups within time range
canDatabase Create handle to CAN database file
j1939Channel Create J1939 CAN channel
configBusSpeed Configure bit timing of J1939 channel
start Start channel connection to J1939 bus
stop Stop channel connection to J1939 bus
receive Receive parameter groups from J1939 bus
transmit Send parameter groups via channel to J1939 bus
discard Discard available parameter groups on J1939 channel
filterAllowAll Open parameter group filters on channel
filterAllowOnly Allow only specified parameter groups to pass channel filter
filterBlockOnly Block only specified parameter groups on channel filter

Measurement Data Format (MDF)

mdf Access information contained in MDF file
read Read channel data from MDF file
saveAttachment Save attachment from MDF file
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