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Vehicle Network Toolbox Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

CAN Communication

Basic CAN Communication

canChannelListInformation on available CAN devices
canChannelConstruct CAN channel connected to specified device
discardDiscard all messages from CAN channel
configBusSpeedSet bit timing rate of CAN channel
canTool Open Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor
canSupportGenerate technical support log
canMessageBuild CAN message based on user-specified structure
packPack signal data into CAN message
startSet CAN channel online
transmitSend CAN messages to CAN bus
replayRetransmit messages from CAN bus
transmitConfigurationDisplay messages configured for automatic transmission
transmitEventConfigure messages for event-based transmission
transmitPeriodicConfigure messages for periodic transmission
receiveReceive messages from CAN bus
attachDatabaseAttach CAN database to messages and remove CAN database from messages
stopSet CAN channel offline
unpackUnpack signal data from CAN message
extractAllSelect all instances of CAN message from message array
extractRecentSelect most recent CAN message from array of messages
extractTimeSelect CAN messages occurring within specified time range
canMessageImport Import CAN messages from third-party log file
canSignalImportImport CAN log file into decoded signal timetables
canMessageTimetableConvert CAN messages into timetable
canSignalTimetableCreate CAN signal timetable from CAN message timetable

Message Database

canDatabaseCreate handle to CAN database file
attributeInfoInformation about CAN database attributes
nodeInfoInformation about CAN database node
messageInfoInformation about CAN database messages
signalInfoInformation about signals in CAN message
valueTableTextLook up value of table text for signal
canMessageImport Import CAN messages from third-party log file
canSignalImportImport CAN log file into decoded signal timetables

Filter Messages

filterAllowAllAllow all CAN messages of specified identifier type
filterAllowOnlyConfigure CAN message filter to allow only specified messages
filterBlockAllConfigure filter to block CAN messages with specified identifier type

CAN Communication in Simulink

canMessageReplayBlockStructConvert CAN messages for use as CAN Replay block output

XCP Communication

A2L File Management

xcpA2LAccess A2L file
getCharacteristicInfoGet information about specific characteristic from A2L file
getMeasurementInfoGet information about specific measurement from A2L file
getEventInfoGet event information about specific event from A2L file

Hardware Connection

xcpChannelCreate XCP channel
connectConnect XCP channel to slave module
disconnectDisconnect from slave module
isConnectedReturn connection status

Read and Write Data to Memory

readCharacteristicRead and scale specified axis value from direct memory
writeCharacteristicScale and write specified characteristic value to direct memory
readMeasurementRead and scale specified measurement value from direct memory
writeMeasurementScale and write specified measurement value to direct memory
readAxisRead and scale specified axis value from direct memory
writeAxisScale and write specified axis value to direct memory
readSingleValueRead single sample of specified measurement from memory
writeSingleValueWrite single sample to specified measurement

Acquire and Stimulate Measurements

createMeasurementListCreate measurement list for XCP channel
viewMeasurementListsView configured measurement lists on XCP channel
freeMeasurementListsRemove all measurement lists from XCP channel
startMeasurementStart configured DAQ and STIM lists
isMeasurementRunningIndicate if measurement is active
readDAQListDataRead samples of the specified measurement from a DAQ list
writeSTIMListDataWrite to specified measurement
stopMeasurementStop configured DAQ and STIM lists

J1939 Communication

canDatabaseCreate handle to CAN database file
j1939ParameterGroupCreate J1939 parameter group
j1939ParameterGroupImportImport J1939 log file
extractAllOccurrences of specified J1939 parameter groups
extractRecentOccurrences of most recent J1939 parameter groups
extractTimeOccurrences of J1939 parameter groups within time range
canDatabaseCreate handle to CAN database file
j1939ChannelCreate J1939 CAN channel
configBusSpeedConfigure bit timing of J1939 channel
startStart channel connection to J1939 bus
stopStop channel connection to J1939 bus
receiveReceive parameter groups from J1939 bus
transmitSend parameter groups via channel to J1939 bus
discardDiscard available parameter groups on J1939 channel
filterAllowAllOpen parameter group filters on J1939 channel
filterAllowOnlyAllow only specified parameter groups to pass J1939 channel filter
filterBlockOnlyBlock only specified parameter groups on J1939 channel filter

Measurement Data Format (MDF)

mdfAccess information contained in MDF file
readRead channel data from MDF file
saveAttachmentSave attachment from MDF file
mdfDatastoreDatastore for collection of MDF files
readRead data in MDF datastore
readallRead all data in MDF datastore
previewSubset of data from MDF datastore
resetReset MDF datastore to initial state
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read from MDF datastore
partitionPartition MDF datastore
numpartitionsNumber of partitions for MDF datastore
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