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Message Database

Manage A2L file

Follow the XCP Database and Communication Workflow to learn how to manage an A2L file.


xcpA2L Access A2L file
getEventInfo Get event information about specific event from A2L file
getMeasurementInfo Get information about specific measurement from A2L file


Events Display A2L events list
Measurements Display A2L measurements list
DAQInfo Data acquisition information in A2L file
SlaveName Name of connected slave
FileName Name of referenced A2L file
FilePath Path of A2L file
ProtocolLayerInfo Protocol layer information
TransportLayerCANInfo CAN transport layer information


XCP Configuration Configure XCP slave connection

Examples and How To

Inspect the Contents of an A2L File

This example shows how to open an A2L file and access measurement information.


A2L File Support

A2L description file support with XCP in vehicle network communication

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