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Vehicle Network Toolbox Properties

Alphabetical List By Category
A2LFileName Name of the A2L file
AttributeInfo Information on CAN database attributes
Attributes Attribute names from CAN database
BusLoad Load on CAN bus
BusSpeed Bit rate of bus
BusStatus Determine status of bus
DAQInfo Data acquisition information in A2L file
Data CAN message or J1939 parameter group data
Database Store CAN database information
DestinationAddress Address of parameter group destination
Device Display channel device type
Device(NI) Display NI CAN channel device type
DeviceChannelIndex Display device channel index
DeviceSerialNumber Display device serial number
DeviceVendor Display device vendor name
Error CAN message error frame
Events Display A2L events list
Extended Identifier type for CAN message
FileName Name of referenced A2L file
FilePath Path of A2L file
FilterBlockList List of parameter groups to block
FilterPassList List of parameter groups to pass
ID Identifier for CAN message
InitializationAccess Determine control of device channel
InitialTimestamp Indicate when channel started
Measurements Display A2L measurements list
MessageInfo Information on CAN database messages
MessageReceivedFcn Specify function to run
MessageReceivedFcnCount Specify number of messages available before function is triggered
Messages Message names from CAN database
MessagesAvailable Display number of messages available to be received by CAN channel
MessagesReceived Display number of messages received by CAN channel
MessagesTransmitted Display number of messages transmitted by CAN channel
Name CAN message name
Name CAN database name
Name J1939 parameter group name
NodeInfo Information on CAN database nodes
Nodes Node names from CAN database
NumOfSamples Display number of samples available to channel
OnboardTermination Configure bus termination on device
ParameterGroupsAvailable Number of parameter groups available
ParameterGroupsReceived Number of parameter groups received
ParameterGroupsTransmitted Number of parameter groups transmitted
Path CAN database folder path
PDUFormatType J1939 parameter group PDU format
PGN J1939 parameter group number
Priority Priority of parameter group
ProtocolLayerInfo Protocol layer information
ReceiveErrorCount Display number of received errors detected by channel
Remote Specify CAN message remote frame
Running Determine status of channel
SeedKeyDLL Name of seed and key security access dll
SignalInfo Information on CAN database message signals
Signals Physical signals defined in CAN message or J1939 parameter group
SilentMode Specify if channel is active or silent
SJW Synchronization jump width (SJW) of bit time segment
SlaveName Name of connected slave
SourceAddress Address of parameter group source
StartTriggerTerminal Specify start trigger source terminal
Timestamp Display message received timestamp
Timestamp Display parameter received timestamp
TransceiverName Name of device transceiver
TransceiverState Display state or mode of transceiver
TransmitErrorCount Display number of transmitted errors by channel
TransportLayer Transport layer type
TransportLayerCANInfo CAN transport layer information
TransportLayerDevice XCP transport layer connection
TSEG1 Display amount that channel can lengthen sample time
TSEG2 Display amount that channel can shorten sample time
UserData Enter custom data
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