Transmit Messages

Message transmission via CAN channels; event-based message transmission; load and replay messages

Follow the CAN Transmit Workflow to learn how to pack and transmit CAN messages.


canMessage Build CAN message based on user-specified structure
pack Pack signal data into CAN message
start Set CAN channel online
transmit Send CAN messages to CAN bus
replay Retransmit messages from CAN bus
canMessageImport Import CAN message log file from third-party tool
transmitConfiguration Display messages configured for automatic transmission
transmitEvent Configure messages for event-based transmission
transmitPeriodic Configure messages for periodic transmission


Data Set CAN message data
Database Store CAN database information
Error CAN message error frame
Extended Identifier type for CAN message
ID Identifier for CAN message
Name (Message) CAN message name
Remote Specify CAN message remote frame
Signals Display physical signals defined in CAN message
Timestamp Display message received timestamp
UserData Enter custom data


CAN Pack Pack individual signals into CAN message
CAN Transmit Transmit CAN message to selected CAN device
CAN Replay Replay logged CAN messages
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