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Transmit Messages

Message transmission via CAN channels; event-based message transmission; load and replay messages

The CAN Transmit Workflow shows how to pack and transmit CAN messages, using pack and transmit functions. You can also use the CAN Transmit block to build a transmit Simulink block.


canMessage Build CAN message based on user-specified structure
pack Pack signal data into CAN message
start Set CAN channel online
transmit Send CAN messages to CAN bus
replay Retransmit messages from CAN bus
canMessageImport Import CAN message log file from third-party tool
transmitConfiguration Display messages configured for automatic transmission
transmitEvent Configure messages for event-based transmission
transmitPeriodic Configure messages for periodic transmission


Data CAN message or J1939 parameter group data
Database Store CAN database information
Error CAN message error frame
Extended Identifier type for CAN message
ID Identifier for CAN message
Name CAN message name
Remote Specify CAN message remote frame
Signals Physical signals defined in CAN message or J1939 parameter group
UserData Enter custom data


CAN Pack Pack individual signals into CAN message
CAN Transmit Transmit CAN message to selected CAN device
CAN Replay Replay logged CAN messages

Examples and How To

Start the Channel

Start your CAN channels after you configure all properties.

Create a Message

After you set all the property values as desired and your channels are online, you are ready to transmit and receive messages on the CAN bus.

Pack a Message

After you define the message, pack it with the required data.

Transmit a Message

After you define the message and pack it with the required data, you are ready to transmit the message.

Save a CAN Channel

You can save a CAN channel object to a file using the save function anytime during the CAN communication session.

Load a Saved Channel

If you have saved a CAN channel as a MATLAB file, you can load it into a session using the load function.

Multiplex Signals

Use multiplexing to represent multiple signals in one signal's location in a CAN message's data.

Build a Message Transmit Model

How to send data via a CAN network.


Vehicle Network Communication Examples

Connecting to your CAN hardware and communicating over a CAN

Build CAN Communication Simulink Models

Examples of using Vehicle Network Toolbox™ blocks.

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