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Information on available CAN devices


chans = canChannelList



chans = canChannelList returns a table of information about available CAN devices.


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View available CAN devices and programmatically read a device's supported protocol modes.

chans = canChannelList
chans =

  4×6 table

      Vendor         Device       Channel    DeviceModel    ProtocolMode     SerialNumber
    ___________    ___________    _______    ___________    _____________    ____________

    "MathWorks"    "Virtual 1"    1          "Virtual"      "CAN, CAN FD"    "0"
    "MathWorks"    "Virtual 1"    2          "Virtual"      "CAN, CAN FD"    "0"
    "Vector"       "Virtual 1"    1          "Virtual"      "CAN"            "0"
    "Vector"       "Virtual 1"    2          "Virtual"      "CAN"            "0"
pm = chans{3,5}
pm = 

pm = chans{3,'ProtocolMode'}
pm = 


Output Arguments

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Information on available CAN devices, returned as a table. To access specific elements, you can index into the table.

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Introduced in R2017b

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