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Create handle to CAN database file


candb = canDatabase('dbfile.dbc')


candb = canDatabase('dbfile.dbc') creates a handle to the specified database file dbfile.dbc. You can specify just a file name, a full path, or a relative path. MATLAB® looks for dbfile.dbc on the MATLAB path. Vehicle Network Toolbox™ supports the Vector CAN database (.dbc) files.

Input Arguments


Database file name. You can specify just the name or the full path of the database file.


AttributeInfoInformation on CAN database attributes
AttributesAttribute names from CAN database
MessageInfoInformation on CAN database messages
MessagesMessage names from CAN database
Name (Database)CAN database name
NodeInfoInformation on CAN database nodes
NodesNode names from CAN database
PathCAN database folder path
SignalInfoInformation on CAN database message signals
UserDataEnter custom data


candb = canDatabase('C:\Database.dbc')

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Introduced in R2009a

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