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Information on available CAN devices


out = canHWInfo()


out = canHWInfo() returns information about CAN devices and displays the information on a per vendor and channel basis.

Output Arguments


Handle that will hold the results of canHWInfo.


info = canHWInfo
ans = 

CAN Devices Detected

   Vendor   |          Device           |Channel|Serial Number|                Constructor
 Kvaser     |Virtual 1                  |1      |0            |canChannel('Kvaser', 'Virtual 1', 1)
 Kvaser     |Virtual 1                  |2      |0            |canChannel('Kvaser', 'Virtual 1', 2)
 NI         |Virtual (CAN256)           |1      |0            |canChannel('NI', 'CAN256')
 NI         |Virtual (CAN257)           |2      |0            |canChannel('NI', 'CAN257')
 NI         |Series 847X Sync USB (CAN0)|1      |14E1B5C      |canChannel('NI', 'CAN0')
 NI         |9862 CAN/HS (CAN1)         |1      |17F509A      |canChannel('NI', 'CAN1')
 Vector     |Virtual 1                  |1      |0            |canChannel('Vector', 'Virtual 1', 1)
 Vector     |Virtual 1                  |2      |0            |canChannel('Vector', 'Virtual 1', 2)
 PEAK-System|PCAN-USB Pro (PCAN_USBBUS1)|1      |0            |canChannel('PEAK-System', 'PCAN_USBBUS1')
 PEAK-System|PCAN-USB Pro (PCAN_USBBUS2)|2      |0            |canChannel('PEAK-System', 'PCAN_USBBUS2')

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Introduced in R2009a

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