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Connect XCP channel to slave module





connect(xcpch) creates an active connection between the XCP channel and the slave module, enabling active messaging between the channel and the slave.


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Create an XCP channel connected to a Vector CAN device on a virtual channel and connect it.

Link an A2L file to use to create an XCP channel

a2lfile = xcpA2L('XCPSIM.a2l')
xcpch = xcpChannel(a2lfile, 'CAN', 'Vector', 'Virtual 1', 1);

Connect the channel and see if channel is connected

connect (xcpch)
ans =


Input Arguments

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XCP channel, specified as an XCP channel object created using xcpChannel. The XCP channel object can then communicate with the specified slave module defined by the A2L file.

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Introduced in R2013a

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