Get event information about specific event from A2L file


  • info = getEventInfo(a2lFile,eventName) example



info = getEventInfo(a2lFile,eventName) returns information about the specified event from the specified A2L file, and stores it in the structure, info.


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Get XCP Event Information

Create a handle to parse an A2L file and get information about the 10 ms event.

a2lfile = xcpA2L('C:\XCPSIM.a2l')
info = getEventInfo(a2lfile, '10 ms')
info = 

                    Name: '10 ms'
                    Direction: 'DAQ_STIM'
                   MaxDAQList: 255
                ChannelNumber: 1
             ChannelTimeCycle: 10
              ChannelTimeUnit: 6
              ChannelPriority: 0
    ChannelTimeCycleInSeconds: 0.0100

Input Arguments

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a2lFile — Name of A2L filecharacter string

Name of the A2L file object, specified as a string, used in this connection. Create the A2L file handle using xcpA2L.

eventName — XCP event namecharacter string

XCP event name specified as a string. Event name corresponds to the XCP event defined in your A2L file. Make sure the name matches the name specified in the A2L file.

Output Arguments

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info — XCP event informationstring | numeric

XCP event information returned, as strings and numeric values, containing event details such as timing and priority.

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