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numpartitions (MDFDatastore)

Number of partitions for MDF datastore


N = numpartitions(mdfds)
N = numpartitions(mdfds,pool)



N = numpartitions(mdfds) returns the recommended number of partitions for the MDF datastore mdfds. Use the result as an input to the partition function.

N = numpartitions(mdfds,pool) returns a reasonable number of partitions to parallelize mdfds over the parallel pool, pool, based on the number of files in the datastore and the number of workers in the pool.


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Determine the number of partitions you should use for your MDF datastore.

mdfds = mdfDatastore(fullfile(matlabroot,'examples','vnt','CANape.MF4'));
N = numpartitions(mdfds); 

Input Arguments

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MDF datastore, specified as an MDF datastore object.

Example: mdfds = mdfDatastore('CANape.MF4')

Parallel pool specified as a parallel pool object.

Example: gcp

Output Arguments

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Number of partitions, returned as a double. This number is the calculated recommendation for the number of partitions for your MDF datastore. Use this when partitioning your datastore with the partition function.

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Introduced in R2017b

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